Creating deadwood on Yew

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Growing Bonsai Blog.

Shari on Yew trunk. Bottom old, top new Normally one creates deadwood during the first styling of pre-bonsai material. Yew branches that are cut of, or were cut off during the growing out period of the plant are stripped of their bark and carved back to elegant rounded or pointed stubs. I was in my growing out field in December and thought of another route to create Yin and Shari. Cut branches on yewFresh deadwood on Yew I was looking at a few Yews for bonsai, which I pulled from a hedge some 5 years ago. These sat there, originally recovering as they were a sorry bunch after pulling them out, and flat-cutting the rootball (Note, I lost about one third of the trees in the process). Now I just have them sit there, with the idea to pull one out every other year or so to have some yews to work on. I have 2 yews halfway in their bonsai styling, and 3 in the first phase of bonsai styling potted up in my garden. Therefor, it will be a few years before I bring a yew home from my growbed. I do not however want those to become a lot taller than the current 50-75cm. As such, every other year I trim the largest branches out, where I keep more branches lower on the trunk than in the top. (The alternative years I use a spade to undercut the roots, in an attempt to keep the rootball compact).…

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