The Next Step and Recent Work

8 months ago Nebby 0

Source: BonTsai Blog.

After much consideration I’ve decided to head back to the states. I have carefully discussed with others as well as spent significant time assessing my own thoughts to come to this decision. Everyone’s apprenticeship experience is different and it’s hard to assume a single mold , model, or stereotype of what it is, what one’s experience should be, and what they have difficulty with. There are significant problems with Kouka-en. For obvious reasons, I will not disclose them publicly but I consider it in my absolute best interest to leave. I am grateful to have had the experience to hone my talents and improve my skills. I have no regrets and I can confidently say I did nothing other than my best for my duration here. Of course, there are still many things I lack for me to learn and to gain experience in. I understand how deep the breadth of knowledge bonsai encompasses and will seek to further my knowledge and skill. My passion in bonsai is still strong and I will always be in pursuit of this art. I am grateful for the support I’ve received, and some kind members of the bonsai community who check on me on occasion and offer help. I ask people to respect my decision if you support who I am, and I apologize for anyone who I’ve let down. It was a very hard and conflicting choice, but I am confident it was the right decision. As far as what comes next,…

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