2020 45th Gafu Ten Shohin Bonsai Exhibition– Part 1

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Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog.

https://v0.wordpress.com/player.swf?v=1.04&guid=RIfcuoSb&isDynamicSeeking=true This morning the 45th Gafu Ten Shohin Bonsai Exhibition opened in Kyoto, Japan. This is the highest-level exhibition to show small size bonsai. Although a shohin bonsai exhibition, there were quite a few mame bonsai compositions as well as chuhin (medium) size bonsai. I have been fortunate to have visited and study this exhibition 40 years ago! At that time it was in a large two-story brick building with poor lighting. The current building, Miyako Messe is a modern building with superb lighting, which, unfortunately is a major cost for the organization. There are 118 exhibit areas full of mame, shohin and chuhin size bonsai compositions. There are 535 individual bonsai in this show. I actually counted each tree, not counting accessory plantings. Most were three-point displays, however there were a great number of box stand display tables exhibited. A couple only featured one small bonsai. There were six special display areas, some with larger bonsai and a long wall had eleven photo entries from foreign countries. Six displays only featured fine-quality containers by the ceramic artists, including Gyozan (Yukizyou Nakano.) The 15th bonsai container competition included entries from France, Germany, Australia as well as the United States by Stacy Allen Muse and Roy Minarai. All the containers were beautiful and some were quite unique in shape as well as glazes. One of my favorite containers in the competition was a red container featuring a floral applique by Roy Minarai from South Carolina. I was at the set-up and…

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