2019 39th Nippon Bonsai Taikan Exhibition – Part 3

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Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog.

This year there are five special displays in the Nippon Bonsai Taikan Exhibition. Funayama Display Mr. Funayama lives in the northern area of Japan and has large powerful evergreen bonsai. Mr. Morimae is his bonsai consultant.         Tanaka Display This was the largest display in the exhibition presented in two parts, one on each side of the formal entrance to the show. Mr. Tanaka lives in Kyoto and has a large significant collection of bonsai named “Bonsai Keiunan.” The main theme of his display is to recognize bonsai from the past five eras of Japan: Meiji (1886), Taisho (1912), Showa (1926), Heisei (1989) and Reiwa (2019.) He is now building a bonsai museum in Kyoto scheduled to open in 2022. Guiding him and caring for his collection are Seiji Morimae and Shinji Suzuki.   A large Sargent juniper flanks the left side of part 1, with the poetic name of Hagoromo. This is one of the most famous suiseki in Japan and has numerous owners. The name Hagoromo is the name of an old Noh play because the overall shape of the stone reminds the viewer of a dancer with an arm outstretched. While this suiseki is a figure stone, it is also a chrysanthemum stone. The kimono cloth covering the dancer is covered with small chrysanthemum flowers similar to fine quality brocade. Note the small, simple daiza presenting humility to the presentation. The last bonsai on the right of part 1 of the display is a…

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