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Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog.

There is less than a month away from one of the finest bonsai exhibitions in the country. Now is the time to make plans to visit the Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo in Kannapolis, North Carolina, near Charlotte, on Saturday and Sunday 7-8, 2109.   This special exhibition is held in an elegant venue covered with marble walls and floors at the North Carolina Research Lab. The four story building is a unique venue to display bonsai. Consider attending this superb FREE exhibition featuring naked bonsai. Most of the bonsai are deciduous species without foliage so the branch structure and buds can be appreciated. The bonsai come from a wide range and there are often species not commonly seen. Like Larch which are difficult to grow in southern areas. Although the bonsai are beautiful, this exhibition offers the opportunity for artists to present their bonsai displays creatively. All bonsai and displays do not need to be in the classic Japanese style, only with good design and taste. I look forward to what unusual and creative displays the bonsai artists will show soon. Along with other professional bonsai artists, Rodney Clemons, Tyler Sherrod and Owen Reich, we will be presenting individual lecture demonstrations during the two day event. My Saturday program will cover Classical Upright Bonsai Design and I’ll be working on a Scots Pine for the demonstration. On Sunday morning I’ll be again leading a FREE critique of the entire exhibition. Topics to be discussed are the displays, bonsai refinement and…

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