(What we don’t like talking about…) TOO MANY BONSAI-

10 months ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

Many of us are natural ‘gatherers’. We collect things, much like bower birds and pack rats. And then we either present them in display cases, tuck them into storage units, or, if they are bonsai, arrange them in our backyards. Gathering is an endearing trait. And we have things to show off when friends visit. And yet we can get into a bit of a kerfuffle with bonsai if volume is increased past our ability to care for them. The bigger the bonsai collection the more we can lose sight of our objectives… …and these objectives might include timely repotting for all trees, monitoring them for pests and disease, growth management, and aesthetics. And prancing around proudly for friends, of course. In some over-stocked backyards I’ve seen hundreds of trees in various states of entropy, in some cases there are nearly as many trees as the professionals have. Only the professionals are working on them every day (or at least their apprentices are doing so, cough). With fewer trees, somewhere on the order of 15-25, the backyard bonsai aficionado can keep up with them all at a very high level. (As I’ve told many students though, having 3 trees is nearly as bad, as the instinct is to fiddle with them to death.) One of my favorite bonsai gardens has only about 12 trees, all well managed and beautifully presented. But more and more bonsai…that’s rarely a path to beautiful bonsai. It’s often a clue to a problem in the…

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