Pot Choice Exercise: Highbush Blueberry

9 months ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

Growing up in Upstate NY there were a lot of lovely highbush blueberries growing wild in the woods, and I’d always wanted to try one as a bonsai. Took a move to the West Coast—where they only exist in nurseries—to finally get around to it. Highbush blueberries, Vaccinium corymbosum, have great erratic, natural branch lines if grown slowly. This one had evidently been poking along at a mollusk pace for quite some time and that’s the reason the branches are not straight as an arrow. They are often precisely this straight in lushly growing cultivated rows, where chortling, happy multitudes of blueberry pancake fans congregate (and many just inveterate gobblers). Visions of nicely tart fruit aside, a couple years back we dug through the available pots and had a pot choice exercise with this specimen in a Seasonal winter session. And we took photos. One might wonder why I’m posting this in the summertime, and I have no adequate defense except that I found this draft lurking about unposted, and summer is actually about the time of year I begin to ponder pot choices for next spring. So there we are. A blueberry and some pots. This is what we started with, a highbush blueberry of forgotten variety in a one gallon pot, about 12″ / 30 cm tall We liked the cracked pot front best The available containers lined up, with the blueberry tipped at a jaunty angle The blueberry out of the nursery pot and into our first…

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