The Art of Micro-Positioning

12 months ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

Many of us started out the same way—with all our bonsai benches in full sun, or all of them tucked under the shade of a massive tree. Too little love or too much. Either way after witnessing some bonsai getting grumpier we ponder where else we might put them. And that is the beginning of the thought bubble that says ‘Aha! Micro-positioning’. To sum up a few general concepts: Conifers like Pine and Juniper usually appreciate full sun, all day Deciduous like Japanese Maple and Winter Hazel like light shade Accent plants enjoy partial shade, such as next to benches on the ground A few exceptions to this are: Spruce, Fir, and Hemlock often like a tad bit of shade Wisteria can be in full sun along with the Pines and Junipers Succulent, grass, and reed accent plants may also be in full sun A few more ideas in micro-positioning: Recently styled trees prefer a bit of shade or greenhouse time Recently defoliated deciduous like some shade for a couple weeks Weaker deciduous usually prefer more shade Weaker pines usually prefer more sun All of this is relative to where you live, how hot it is in the summer, etc. A stressed or diseased tree might appreciate time in a greenhouse, with the benefits of humidity and lack of wind Placement of bonsai can change weekly according to what work was done on them, or how they are responding to where they are These micro-positioning guidelines lead to two umbrella…

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