Japan Bonsai Tours 2020

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Source: Bjorn Bjorholm Bonsai Blog.

2020 Japan Bonsai ToursWe are excited to announce sign-ups have begun for our 2020 Japan Bonsai Tours! In 2020, Bjorn and Nanxi will be hosting two tours – one for the famous Gafu-ten Shohin Exhibition held in January and another for the Kokufu-ten in February. The Gafu-ten Tour will begin in Tokyo, then travel down to Okayama, Takamatsu and Kyoto, while the Kokufu-ten Tour will begin in Kyoto, then travel to Osaka and up to Tokyo. Each tour will feature different gardens, nurseries, and sightseeing locations. For more information and to sign up, click the link below! Tour Info The post Japan Bonsai Tours 2020 appeared first on Bjorn Bjorholm.

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