A Wildlife Tree Snag Gets Made—

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

Our friend Brian French is a wildlife arborist specializing in habitat creation. He’s also the State Coordinator for the Oregon Champion Tree Registry. And he came out to create a full-sized tree snag in my front yard, making for an unusual day in the bonsai garden. When this vigorous 60′ Douglas Fir began to lift the concrete slabs in a neighbor’s side yard we decided it was time to remove it, and got in touch with Brian. When he came out to assess the project he said it was a perfect candidate for a snag. ‘We can make a chickadee cavity in it, which is also what nuthatches use. What would be really cool is if you got some violet green swallows in here.’ Brian French gears up for one of the most unusual events at Crataegus Bonsai—the creation of dead tree wildlife snag from a Douglas Fir that had become a problem Cutting and breaking branches out of the fir to create habitat Using a rope to guide cut branches down Brian working the top of the snag to look broken and weathered—this part may seem familiar A close up photo from his vantage point Here I didn’t know what he was doing. Brian carved out a cavity and yet I couldn’t see how a chickadee or nuthatch could use the cavity without being visible to the whole world. The secret is revealed in the next two images… Here’s the cavity… …and this was the part I missed. He’d saved…

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