Revisit: Mountain Hemlock Branch

5 months ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

A few years have passed since this hemlock was styled, and it seemed a ripe moment for an update on its progress. It was collected by Anton Nijhuis, and is unusual being a naturally rooted branch off a larger tree. The first styling was in December 2014 when former apprentice Bobby Curttright was here, and he is featured on the first post about this tree along with a cameo by Matt Reel. The second post covered the potting in a low rectangle in April 2018, featuring current apprentice Andrew Robson and a few students. This third post is the latest, and doesn’t feature anyone. I did the trim and detailing in the last photo, and yet there weren’t any cameras around for proof of this. First styling, 2014 Potting up, 2018 How it looks now, April 2019 In a year’s time the moss has engulfed the akadama-laden muck, and also the foliar pads have been adjusted. One can see adjustment in the foliar pads to show more of the drama of the sharply dropping upper trunk, from the first to the second photo. That area is opened up. Then the last photo shows more complex negative space within the upper foliage group. These are subtle tweaks. And the length of the branches has also increased in this last photo, allowing a more stable feeling for an edgy design. Finally, the lichen on the basal trunk area has moved around in the photos like the peripatetic mole on Marty Feldman in ‘Young…

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