Bonsai that Don’t Bust Your Bank Account & an Important Natural Phenomenon

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

We’ve featured this tree before and we may well feature it again in a year or two. The tree is a yew. The artist is Harry Harrington. Sticking with our friend Harry Harrington. We originally put this post together in September, 2017… All the photos featured here are courtesy of Harry Harrington, an artist who specializes in what you might call found bonsai; bonsai from the wild or from hedgerows and gardens or wherever bonsai stock might come from that doesn’t bust your bank account.  For more found bonsai and other good news, you can visit Harry at Bonsai4me or on his fb timeline – TWO SPECIALS END TONIGHT 25% – 30% OFF ALL BOOKS  20% OFF BONSAI CLOTHING Specials include items already discounted SPECIALS END TONIGHT, MARCH 5th at 11:50pm EST –   An example of a natural phenomenon that explains a lot about the carving in this post. Here’s Harry’s caption from a trip he took to Sweden… “Back to editing images and video from Sweden this morning, I came across these two excellent examples of how the sun-hardened outer shell of deadwood can remain intact while the interior rots away (seen on Picea/Spruce high up on the treeline)”      Harry Harrington’s THE FOUNDATIONS OF BONSAI   Arbor obscura (just kidding). Actually it’s a Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) that Harry carved just the other day from an old stump. You can see more here, including the old stump   Another example of Harry’s carving. This time it’s a Privet   A closer look at the fine…

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