Two Major Bonsai Events & a Regal Rock Planting

11 months ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

This is the after photo from a before and after of a planting by Marc Noelanders, a headliner at the upcoming Mid Atlantic Spring Bonsai Festival (see below). No mention is made of the type tree or what the rock is made of. If you’ve been following Bonsai Bark since at least December of last year, or you follow Marc on fb, you’ve already seen this masterpiece. If not, I’m happy you can see it here Continuing from yesterday with two barn burner bonsai conventions coming up this spring.  They are the Mid Atlantic Bonsai Spring Festival and the American Bonsai Society (ABS) Convention.  Unfortunately, they’re both on the second weekend of  April, so you’ll have to choose. Today we’re focusing on the Mid Atlantic Spring Bonsai Festival . Yesterday it was the American Bonsai Society (ABS) Convention in Houston Continued below… Meanwhile You Can Visit Stone Lantern for Our Current Site Wide Sale… 25% OFF EVERYTHING ON ALL ORDERS 25.00 OR MORE PLUS AN EXTRA 10% OFF OUR FAMOUS ROSHI TOOLS 25% OFF APPLIES TO OUR ENTIRE INVENTORY ON ORDERS 25.00 OR MORE INCLUDING ITEMS THAT ARE ALREADY DISCOUNTED Here’s a before and after photo of Marc’s planting Conitnued from above… Taiga Urushibata, Jennifer Price and Marc Noelanders are the headliners at the upcoming 2019 Mid Atlantic Bonsai Spring Festival. Today we’re focusing on Marc. I hope to have photos of Taiga’s and Jennifer’s bonsai soon. Oh, and least I forget there’s an added bonus; a special Bonsai Inspirations Critique by Jim Doyle There will be six demonstrations by the headliners and the…

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