019 93rdKokufu Bonsai Exhibition Part 2– Part 1

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Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog.

The second half of this year’s 93rdKokufu Bonsai Exhibition is being held on February 14-17, 2019. This half is quite beautiful, one of the best ever! Many people often mention that this year, or that year are the best editions. However, most have a limited exposure or visits to this exhibition. I’ve been attending for more than 45 years, and, in my personal opinion, this second half is one of the finest I’ve ever been fortunate to study. This is a famous Japanese maple bonsai and I was surprised to see how small it was. Probably only about 20″ tall.     Rhododendron species     Japanese Red Pine   2019 Part 2 Statistics 151 Individual Bonsai Displays Over 225 Individual Bonsai Specimens 108 Large Bonsai 36 Medium Bonsai 7 Shohin Bonsai Compositions 5 Kokufu Bonsai Prizes 4 Bonsai Displayed with Suiseki I found that fact that 4 bonsai were displayed with suiseki quite interesting. Three of the four displayed bonsai with stones were in the same location in the exhibition. Usually the professional bonsai artists which handle and display the trees for the owners have designated locations in the exhibition. So, probably, the same person who displayed the three displays in Part 1, also displayed the three bonsai in Part 2. This shows the taste of the exhibitor, not the owner. Japanese beech, look at the size of the leaf buds. It must have tiny leaves. I asked, it it not a special variety, only the location were it…

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