A Private Visit to Omiya Bonsai Village

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Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog.

Yesterday the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition was closed to switch out all the bonsai masterpiece. and replace them with a couple hundred new masterpieces. It will open in a few hours for Part 2. Also opening is the 6thJapan Suiseki Exhibition, where I’m an exhibitor and member too. Fuyo-en Bonsai Garden I met some long time friends, Boon, from California, John Kirby from Connecticut and Data K.H. Chua, President of the Malaysian Bonsai Society at the exhibition and invited them to join me for my private visit to Omiya Bonsai Village. My traveling buddies When I was living and studying in Omiya Bonsai Village and needed to go to Tokyo for saikei, ikebana and chrysanthemum bonsai lessons it took a one hour train ride from Ueno Station to Omiya. Well, things have changed during the past 45 years and I’m always learning and discovering new things. We took a rapid train which only took 26 minutes, not the bullet train. Camellia species with small, white fragrant flowers. Mine are also blossoming at home too, in a cool greenhouse. We visited all the bonsai gardens in Omiya Bonsai Village and began with Mr. Takeyama’s garden Fuyo-en Bonsai Garden. Always a favorite stop for me. Saw some interesting trees and new techniques. His large Zelkova bonsai, considered to be the best in Japan has been recently cut back to maintain and refine the shape. I look forward to seeing its completion, should I live that long.   Mr. Takeyama specializes in deciduous, unusual…

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