Elements of a Bonsai Forest

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

I stumbled across this European hornbeam (Carpinus betulas) by Walter Pall on his Bonsai Adventures blog. The shot looks like spring with some trees lagging behind others Following up on yesterday’s forest post, here’s one that originally appeared here in 2014. I think it’s one of our best on forests and worth another look Focal point. Without the dominant tree this forest planting by Walter Pall would be a lot less interesting. With the dominant tree contrasted with rest of the trees, the planting has a focal point. With that focal point  to organize around, balance, scale, a feeling of age and that more elusive quality we call interest, are easier to establish Continued below… NEW 20% OFF ALL BONSAI WIRE 25% off Okatsune Tool Sale ends tomorrow (Thursday) night Discounts are applied at checkout   Same forest. Same time. Different backdrop. Walter usually shoots his trees with two or three different backdops. Continued from above… Balance. If you look at the silhouette of the whole planting you’ll immediately see how everything flows from the dominant tree, creating an overall sense of balance and harmony. This has a lot to do with the natural strength and dynamism of scalene triangles and something called The Golden Mean or Golden Ratio (Magic Thirds) Scale. Notice how the large tree is in the front. Not only does this show off its size and power, it also highlights a sense of depth when contrasted with the medium sized trees in the center axis (left to…

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