Bonsai & Beyond (Maybe We Could All Use a Little Crazy)

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Just a little unconventional? Here’s what Michael Hagedorn wrote about this planting… “One of our experiments years ago in a Seasonal class: A collected Vine Maple on an internal armature of nylon boards, wrapped with sphagnum moss and planted with Licorice Ferns…sounds like a dish on a menu…” Michael Hagedorn is an American bonsai artist, teacher, author and one of the great innovators in our world bonsai community. If Michael is, in his own words “a tad touched in the head,” then maybe we could all use a little crazy All the photos and quotes in this post are from Michael’s fb timeline 30% off Bonsai Book Special Ends Sunday, Jan 3rd at 11:59pm EST – Another example of Michael’s not-so-conventional bent. We’ll let him explain…. “Shore Pine on a wall…this is one of our tongue-in-cheek bonsai. My apprentice Andrew says, ‘Such a weird tree, I love it’. I collected it in Canada and it had a bizarre root system, so planting it on a nylon slab and bolting it onto something just seemed the way to go…there’s a post about constructing it on my blog”   I cropped this one for a closer look at the trunks and deadwood   Michael’s interests range way beyond bonsai…. “Koi by street artist Jeremy Novy, in a client’s bonsai garden. We watched him stencil these on, layer after layer, quickly and with a lot of confidence. Thought it added a bright and playful touch to the garden. With time the erosion of the top layer of paint makes Novy’s koi…

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