A Trip Down Memory Lane

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Here’s what Michael Hagedorn wrote about this tree… “Another tree from my apprenticeship days, prep work for the Kokufu show. Always liked this tree. Although arguably junipers are best with more dynamic and energy, the quiet presence of this one had a charm of its own. All I did was clarify some of the padding and make minor adjustments throughout.” I cropped Michael’s original photo  (see below) for an up close look at the the trunk with its beautifully contrasting shari and living veins “A trip down memory lane…” Lately Michael Hagedorn has been putting up trees from his Japan apprentice days with Shinji Suzuki. You can visit Michael on fb where I found these trees and on his Crataegus Bonsai website. Both are clicks well worth making NEW WIRE SPECIAL BONSAI AESTHETICS 100 gram rolls 40% off 10 – 24 rolls 50% off 25 or more rolls Discounts are applied at checkout   In Michael’s own words again… “A trip down memory lane…work from my apprenticeship. This photo is from the Kokufu show, I think it was #80, my last year with Suzuki in 2006. I hope the tree is doing well.”   Michael again… “Here’s another White Pine wired during my apprenticeship. Old fella, root over rock, although you can barely see the rock any more. The tree grows and the rock doesn’t, what are you going to do…”   The original photo of the tree at the top STONE LANTERN SPECIALS 30% OFF BONSAI BOOKS 20% OFF TURNTABLES 25% off…

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