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Source: Hans van Meer Bonsai Blog.

  Hi everybody, last weeks in between 2 short frost periods, I worked on my “Elephant” Yamadori larch in preparation for the “Trophy 2019” in Belgium. First of all, I reworked the too lush and bright green moss that originates from my last trip to Slovenia this year. In Summer when this larch was covered with brightly coloured green needles everything was in balance and looked natural! But now without its needles, the tree looks too lite in comparison to the monotone and shouting for attention moss mass! And it makes the pot looks even more massive as well! So on a stormy and freezing day, I made the 5 minutes walk to the enormous dyke that keeps us and most of South Holland safe from the beautiful but dangerous North Sea! For Bonsai friends that I took for a walk on that dyke it is always a weird experience because, for them, it is very confusing to see that ower houses are build way beneath sea level and just behind the dyke! Anyway, I was happily surprised to find that there were different coloured and textured species growing all over the length of this endless dyke! With my fingers, I was able to collect it pretty easily straight from the black boulders that cover the whole surface of most dykes here in Holland and returned home very cold but satisfied with a small bag full! At home, I prepared it by laying it out on two trays like the pieces of a puzzle and gave them all a nice…

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