Happy Bonsai Holidays – Merry Bonsai Christmas

2 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Though most Christmas trees have their charm and some are genuine works of art, this one by Nacho Marin has to be one of the best we’ve seen Peace on earth and goodwill to you, your loved ones and everyone else on this lovely troubled planet. This is not the first time we’ve shown this bonsai Christmas tree by Nacho Marin (2013 was first), but until we find one we like more, it won’t be the last NEW SPECIALS at STONE LANTERN SEE BELOW we’re done shipping on time for Christmas but that doesn’t mean we’re done for the Holidays   Just before and just after.   Evolution with striking red Bottlebrush flowers.   NEW SPECIALS SEE BELOW 30% off Roshi Bonsai Tools 30% off Bonsai Aesthetics Tools 20% off Bonsai Pots & Our New Tie Pots 20% off Bonsai Soil 20% off Watering Cans discounts are applied at checkout – EXTRA 10% OFF ORDERS 150.00 OR MORE – FREE Shipping*on Continental U.S. orders 75.00 or more  *but only if you select Free Shipping when you check out –

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