Rough & Rugged Old Bonsai – Two Day Book Special

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

This rugged old tree starkly contrasts with the way it’s presented; the professional studio photo, the quality stand and pot cleaned and oiled to perfection. As you can see, it’s a pine. I won’t bother to guess the variety, but here’s where I found it and here’s the caption… Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Europe España a SAKKA TEN 2012 – PEÑISCOLA. Fotos de estudio realizadas por Alex Espuny (Studio Photos by Alex Espuny). I’m mesmerized by this tree’s rugged, natural look. So even though we’ve shown it before (with two more photos today), I’m going to ask you to indulge me in a second time NEW 2 DAY BONSAI BOOK SPECIAL 30% TO 70% OFF ALL BOOKS but only for 2 days see below –  A closer look. Though we know a human hand and eye has been intimately involved, the tree looks almost untouched Even closer. Old bark and aged deadwood add heaps of character Frosting on the cake. Only a yamadori (bonsai collected in the wild) could have this much completely unique, untamed action 30% to 70% off BONSAI BOOK SPECIAL 2 days only (Monday & Tuesday) Ends Tuesday, Nov 20th at 11:59pm EST 30% TO 70% OFF ALL BOOKS ENDS TUESDAY, APRIL 3RD AT 11:59PM EDT plus FREE Shipping on Continental U.S. orders 75.00 or more but only if you select Free Shipping when you check out –

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