Monster Mash

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Bud Fulton sent us this scary photo. He took it at the North Carolina Bonsai Expo in Asheville. We don’t know who the tree belongs to, but we do know it’s a yew (Taxus) and that it suits our annual Halloween post to a tee. Just got this note from Bill Valavanis… “The Japanese yew belongs to Jim Doyle who also displayed it at the 2018 6th US National Bonsai Exhibition” Just in case you live in a cave (or in a place where October 31st has no particular significance), today is Halloween. Time to break out some scary trees… – FREE SHIPPING for Orders 75.00 or more* now applies to all products including wire, soil & turntables *provided you live in the Continental U.S. *and you select Free Shipping when you check out At first glance you might just see the tree and the cobwebs and miss the hands. The photo is from Robert Steven’s 2014 International Bonsai Art & Culture Biennale   You can look, but you better not touch. Poison Ivy bonsai by Nick Lenz, who, in addition to be one of our most talented bonsai artists, is also a master of the unusual. This photo appears in Nick’s book, Bonsai from the Wild (out of print)   Another one from Robert Steven’s 2014 International Bonsai Art & Culture Biennale. There’s something about those ‘severed’ arms that’s just a little ominous.  Is this where the  ‘Black Scissors’ idea got started? Do you see the little arms sticking up out of the soil?  The photo is from Nail Sari’s facebook photo album titled…

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