Bonsai on Instagram – Great Trees, Great Stones

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

There’s a lot going on with this one. Especially the two types of exposed roots – the long aerial roots growing down to the flat stone on the right, and the other set of roots fanning down the side of the large stone (the stone is another nice feature). I couldn’t find the type tree (looks like it might be a Ficus) nor any info on the artist/owner. Unless the person who put the photo up is the owner (there’s a name embedded in the Instagram address) Just ventured onto Instragram for the first time. So far I like it. It’s an easy quick source for good photos, though there seems to be the usual social media information void. There are names embedded in the addresses, but they don’t necessarily give the information you want (especially plant varieties and the embedded names may or may not belong to the owner /artist) BOOK & SOIL SPECIALS END TOMORROW Specials ends Sunday at 11:59pm EDT SEE BELOW   Another stone and tree (looks like a Japanese white pine). The Instagram address for this photo has David Benavente Estudio Bonsai embedded. If you been following Bark for a while, or just following Bonsai (especially in Europe) you know who David is   Not from Instragram, but a great photo. It’s from David Benavente’s website. We featured it here on Bark in January, 2011 BONSAI BOOK SPECIAL ENDS SUNDAY 30% TO 80% OFF LIST ON ALL BOOKS Special ends Sunday, Oct 21st at 11:59pm EDT SPECIAL INCLUDES… BONSAI BOOKS – JAPANESE GARDEN BOOKS & OTHER BOOKS 25% off Soil Special…

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