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Source: Hans van Meer Bonsai Blog.

  Hi everybody, just discovered the most amazing video of a park ranger talking, on-site passionately about amazing Bristlecone Pine trees and I would like to share it with you all…why? Well, this short video shows some of the best natural deadwood, Shari and Jin alike!!! This is what we should try to imitate or at least try to aim for on our Bonsai when we create it! There are plenty of hand and power tools to choose from these days and more than enough is written on paper and the internet to use as an example…in what or what not to do! Practice on a well-secured piece of deadwood that you can find in any forest, park or in your neighbours garden so that you can get used to what is possible with power tools! Same goes for hand tools: practice before you use them on your best material! And then when you are used to the tools you….well just look at this video and then you will know how beautiful and natural deadwood looks like! And all you have to try is to convey in your deadwood, is the feeling you got when you saw the stunning images of these breathtaking ancient old Pines! I hope you Bonsai lovers enjoy this Bonsai Fairytale Video as much as I did the last 12 times I looked at it!!! And of course, I also hope the non-Bonsai lovers enjoy it as well!!!   OWH!!! And always wear decent Eye protection….ALWAYS!!! Cheers, Hans van Meer. Info:   

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