Ankerwycke Yew 2500-year-old Tree

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Tony Tickle Bonsai Blog.

The National Trust’s oldest tree, this iconic 2,500-year-old (I think a lot older) yew is steeped in history. According to popular belief, it was beneath this tree that King Henry VIII courted Anne Boleyn, and some reports suggest that he even proposed in its shadow. While Magna Carta is said to have been sealed at Runnymede, there are those who argue that the event actually took place on the other side of the river, perhaps under this very yew. Carolyn and I visited this amazing Yew tree earlier this year It’s a little out of the way, across a few fields, down an avenue of lime trees and across another field but well worth the journey, open all year round its not easy to find, only small signpost quite a way from where you can park.  

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