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Source: Watto Bonsai Blog.

I have a large trident maple tree growing in my yard and every year it deposits hundreds of seeds around. If the “weeder” doesn’t get to them they grow and are then become difficult to pull out. This is the story of this tree. It has been out of the ground about seven years now and there are many faults with it if you look at it in the traditional way that maples are viewed. However if you look at it as a tree I think it has some interesting features. I have been debating for a while if the gap under the trunk should be “filled” by either some grafting or a rock, or even just pushing some soil up under it, but for now it will stay and be part of the features. This week was time for a repot and I chose an old Japanese pot as it was shorter than the previous pot. The root system is quite flat and this facilitates a thinner pot.. Only another fifteen years of development to go. The latest look. The “bridge”. The bottom of the pot – no chop. The old look and pot.  

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