Eisei-en & Bjorn’s Big Bonsai Weekend

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

I found this Shimpaku rock planting in a vast array of Bjorn Bjorholm’s online photos. I couldn’t find any text with the photo, so it’s hard to tell if it’s a root-over-rock (if it is, the root must be on the other side) or a on root-on-rock. No matter, it’s great tree Continuing with our North American bonsai series in our lead up to the 6th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition…  Though our goal is encourage you to visit the 6th U.S.,  we’d be remiss if we passed on Bjorn Bjorholm’s Eisei-en grand opening Here’s a quote from Bjorn about his new nursery and the grand opening…  “After months of planning, preparation and building, we are excited to announce the Grand Opening Event of Eisei-en Bonsai Garden in Mount Juliet, TN on September 1-2, 2018! Continued below… TOday IS THE LAST DAY FOR FREE SHIPPING (IN THE CONTINENTAL U.S.) FOR BONSAI WIRE, BONSAI SOIL AND NON HYDRAULIC BONSAI TURNTABLES details below   Bjorn continued from above… “The event is open to the public from 9am-5pm both days, with free demonstrations by Naoki Maeoka (Japan) and Mauro Stemberger (Italy). All bonsai, yamadori and ceramics will be discounted 10% during the event.”   Bjorn’s Bird’s nest spruce (Picea abies ‘Nidiformis)   I couldn’t find any copy with this one, though it looks like it must be a Trident maple in early spring leaf   BONSAI AESTHETICS WIRE SPECIAL NEW LOWER KILO PRICES EVERY SIZE & WEIGHT IS IN STOCK… …but first our new policy on Shipping  In order to maintain…

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