A Kimura-esque Bonsai Transformation

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

This Kimura-esque transformation was accomplished by Juan Andrade. Here’s Juan’s caption… “Trying to make the shortest tree you can when styling a bonsai? Hmmm … ? 2 yr. project comes to fruition at AichiEn. 2016: I bent, cutback, repotted with the assistance of John Milton and Martin Díaz. 2018: I styled after a solid growth period. I‘m still on the pursuit of happiness.” Here’s your link to Juan’s fb timeline for more photos. BTW, Juan doesn’t mention the type tree Juniper (he doesn’t even mention juniper, but that part is easy) Bonsai transformations like the one above require a high level of skill and a well developed understanding of aesthetics. Especially when the entire transformation is accomplished in just 28 months. (There’s a story about making shoji screens I once heard – almost anyone can make a shoji screen if they have enough time, but can you make one in a day?) FALL POTTING SPECIAL ENDS SUNDAY 25% OFF LIST PRICES ON ALL HIGH IMPACT PLASTIC BONSAI POTS 25% OFF LIST PRICES ON ALL BONSAI SOIL & SOIL INGREDIENTS special ends Sunday, August 19th at 11:59pm EDT – Before. April 2016   After. August, 2018. Only 28 months from when Juan started   A mind bending transformation by Masahiko Kimura, the man who revolutionized Japanese bonsai. The photos are from the book, The Magician, the Bonsai Art of Kimura 2 The Magician the bonsai art of kimura 2 (Stone Lantern Publishing) If you like radical bonsai transformations, you’ll love this book BONSAI TOOL SPECIAL ALL BONSAI TOOLS & GARDEN TOOLS 25% OFF LIST PRICES…

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