Bonsai Hedge Cutting Method

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

The Japanese maple that Walter Pall uses to illustrate his ‘hedge-cutting method.’ This photo was taken four years after Walter started working with this tree. The before photo is below Continuing with Walter Pall… we originally ran this post on Walter’s hedge-cutting method in 2013, but it’s so good that it’s worth another look  I first learned about hedge shearing bonsai from Jim Smith (sadly now deceased), a highly respected American Bonsai Artist and grower who worked primarily with tropical and sub-tropical bonsai. Because Jim lived in Florida, I figured that hedge shearing was only used in the tropics or sub-tropics, due to rapid rates of growth and recovery That was until I began field growing larches here in Vermont and decided that the only way to keep up is to use my sword shears (large one-handed shears with long blades that I originally learned about from Jim) and simply keep cutting back to the desired silhouettes (while letting some lower branches grow unrestrained for a while, in order to create taper). At least while they’re in the ground. However, until we originally posted this (2013), I didn’t know about Walter Pall’s hedge-cutting method, which as it turns out is considerably more detailed and sophisticated than mine FALL POTTING SEASON SPECIAL 25% OFF LIST PRICES ON ALL HIGH IMPACT PLASTIC BONSAI POTS 25% OFF LIST PRICES ON ALL BONSAI SOIL & SOIL INGREDIENTS – – Before Quoting directly from Walter… “2008-05: The tree arrived in my garden in this state. The previous owner had kept it in Akadama mush and…

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