Great Bonsai Deserve a Great Turntable

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Everything looks good on a Green T turntable and this powerful rock planting by Jan Culek is no exception Just in case you missed it, we’re going to feature our famous Green T  Turntables again (it’s always worth another look). The time is always right for you to own and enjoy your own Green T Turntable (Basic or Plus models) while enhancing your bonsai enjoyment ORDER YOUR OWN GREEN T HYDRAULIC LIFT TURNTABLe now A few Good Reasons to join the hundreds of Bonsai Lovers who are now the happy owners of Green T Turntables SAVE – Both models are now on Special Free Shipping in the Continental U.S. and ownership of your own Green T  will greatly enhance your bonsai experience   One of North America’s favorite  bonsai artists, Suthin enjoying his Green T That’s Bjorn Bjornholm contemplating a tree during a bonsai demo. Here’s Green Ts caption… “@bjorn_bjorholm_bonsai is giving his touches to this beautiful scots pine styled during a demo for @takibonsai! Another quality work done on a quality turntable! Coincidence?   The Magician with one of his famous rock plantings and another omnipresent Green T at this summer’s World Bonsai Convention   One example of why the Green T Basic is the turntable for large bonsai GREEN T SPECIAL! GREEN T HYDRAULIC LIFT TURNTABLES DISCOUNTED PRICES   GREEN T BASIC ROUND TOP LIST PRICE 385.00 NOW ONLY 345.00 GREEN T BASIC SQUARE TOP LIST PRICE 395.00 NOW ONLY 355.00 GREEN T PLUS ROUND TOP LIST PRICE 495.00 NOW ONLY 445.00   FREE Shipping on Continental U.S. orders 75.00 or more includes Green T…

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