Suthin’s Bonsai & New Import Duty on Bonsai Wire

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

You can see Suthin’s mastery in the way this little Japanese black pine undulates (like waves) all the way from the base of the trunk down to the tip of the cascade. You can enjoy this tree and some other new offerings on Suthin’s website Our friend (everybody’s friend) Suthin Sukosolvisit has added the three trees shown here plus some others to his site’s sale page. I think you’ll like them and that you might like to know how to go about ordering from Suthin. Many of you know Suthin, but just in case you don’t, Suthin is a highly skilled and prolific bonsai artist. One of our best. If you’d like to meet him and see what he’s up to in real time, he’ll be at the upcoming 6th U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition (we’ll be there too!) Due to the trade war we are now paying extra for Bonsai Wire This means we will soon be forced to raise our wire prices But until we do that (and because we have been stocking up) we are going to offer all sizes at special pre-duty prices for as long as we can So this is your chance (see below) – This one is an ‘Itoigawa’ Shimpaku juniper (Juniperus sargentii ‘Itoigawa’). It’s height is 13″ (33cm) and the pot is 10″ across (25.4cm). Note Bill Valavanis refers to Shimpaku as J sargentii, while others (eg Wikipedia) refers to it as J chinensis. Experience tells me it’s best to go with Bill   Another shohin (small) Japanese black pine. For more on this tree and others, you can visit…

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