The Soul of a Tree

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Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

“In Japan, I’m sure they would say this is not bonsai and cut this very long branch off,” says (Ryan) Neil. “But when I purchased this piece of material (Ponderosa pine), the only thing I could think is: man, how could you take this wild, undulating branch that — although it may sit outside of the dimensions of what the Japanese model says makes a bonsai — you cut that off and you lose the soul of the tree. So I think what makes the American style special is preserving the wildness and resisting the temptation to domesticate it.” From Think out loud, Oregon Public Broadcasting. Vacation time, so we’ll resort to our old tricks. This one originally appeared in May 2016.  There’s no doubt that Ryan Neil and his bonsai are trending. Here on Bonsai Bark and in this case in an article from Think out loud, an Oregon Public Broadcasting blog. In addition to the photos shown here, the article features a podcast of a discussion with Ryan that is a must for anyone interested in bonsai in general and specifically American bonsai. Continued below… BONSAI TODAY BACK ISSUES Only 5.00 Each Full of Step-by-Step How-to Articles by the Great Masters of the Art of Bonsai   The caption with this exquisite Bunjin Japanese black pine reads “The goal of Bonsai Mirai and the Artisans Cup at the Portland Art Museum: to update bonsai for a new, distinctly American generation.” Continued from above… Here’s a quote from the Think…

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