Greenwood Bonsai Studio’s 40th Anniversary Celebration

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Source: Valavanis Bonsai Blog.

Greenwood Bonsai Studio in Nottingham, England was established in 1978 by Harry Tomlinson. After Harry’s passing his two sons, Corin and Paul are the new proprietors and have developed the garden into the oldest and largest bonsai nursery and teaching studio in England. To celebrate this successful achievement Corin and Paul are hosting two special bonsai events this year. On May 25-28, 2018, I am teaching bonsai at their studio and on September 14-16, 2018, Sean Smith will be teaching suiseki, stand carving and bonsai. During the May event there was a special exhibit of some of Corin’s bonsai from his private collection in the teaching studio. I first met Corin Tomlinson when I was teaching in England in 1985. After high school Corin entered Merrist Wood College specializing in horticulture. A requirement for graduation was a formal apprenticeship. Harry never trained Corin in bonsai but wanted him to continue in his business and asked me to train him. Merrist Wood College had an affiliation with Ohio State University. So, through Merrist Wood College Corin applied to Ohio State University to study bonsai at an American bonsai nursery. At the same time I applied to Ohio State University that I was looking for a student with a bonsai background for a formal apprenticeship. Fortunately, OSU placed Corin with me for the formal apprenticeship which required written reports and examinations. It was also necessary to pay him a salary and provide insurance for him. I did not have a salary (and…

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