A Room With a View: Shore Pine Revisit

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

To continue looking back at past work and how they look today…here’s a pine project from 2 years ago that started with a design puzzle: This was the quirky Shore Pine when it got to the yard in 2016. To see the full post on the restyling of it and the design puzzle we offered: shore-pine-design-puzzle And this is the pine after our restyling session in 2016- The tree now, in May 2018, a year and a half later. We’ve repotted the tree and other than that just allowed it to fill out without much manipulation. Later there will be more detailing…but we do need to let our trees be for a while. It is back budding ferociously, as Shore Pines do, which is one of the reasons I like these pines. The intensity of the green is truly unique in the pine world. Why did I title this post ‘Room With a View’? Just that this is the sort of dancing, playful pine one might want to see out a window. From the interior of our houses it is nice to see something truly wild—and if we can’t see that, then maybe something close to it.

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