Will Baddeley Carving Workshop

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: BonTsai Blog.

Thanks to the generosity of John (known as reddog on bonsainut) and Bob out at Kimura Nursery I was able to attend Sunday of the weekend Will Baddeley carving workshop. I came out of this workshop learning a few things: 1) Ume has thick bark, 2) Don’t wear flip flops around power tools. In all seriousness it was a fun workshop and thanks to Bob for letting me possibly depreciate one of his trees¬†. I didn’t talk to everyone there but it was great to meet several new people. I’ve been putting a greater effort into remembering names so if you ever see me, you can put me to the test by saying hi. I don’t have much time for a very detailed write up, but I do have lots of photos of everyone’s trees. This post will be more akin to a photo journal. Bob was a great host and Will’s a great artist who gave plenty of guidance and advice. Hope you enjoyed the photos and have a great day. Julian

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