Potting up a Hemlock-

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

Some of you may remember the restyling of this large, old Mountain Hemlock, Tsuga mertensiana, a few years ago. This spring the wooden box it was living in was replaced with a low ceramic rectangle. The following is a photo essay of this final step in the progression- This was the hemlock in December 2014, before the restyling. For a trip down memory lane, try the first post about its restyling with Bobby Curttright and Matt Reel: Very Old Mountain Hemlock Styling And this is the tree in spring of 2018, in the studio on potting day. One of the many curiosities about this tree is that it is a rooted branch that self-layered in the soil. Starting the adventure with a low rectangle being prepped for the container Apprentices Andrew Robson and Jarryd Bailey are joined by friends Dave and Alan for a long awaited day The tree is stabilized with wire, but an obnoxious root needs removal before moving on Alan removing the unwanted root Sculpting the future root mass with muck An unmolested side of the old root ball showing white mychorrizal growth The quiz for the helpers this day was how to improve this composition. Answer: With the addition of some native plants as on-site companions to the tree. With chopsticks indicating likely companion positions, the vaccinium are attached to the soil mass. Potting finished, the Hemlock is off to the greenhouse for a couple of weeks of restorative time, soaking in hot tubs and getting daily massages Close up…

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