OLIVE – Olea Europeo

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Source: Watto Bonsai Blog.

One of the things I really enjoy doing is volunteering at the National Bonsai & Penjing Collection of Australia which is in Canberra. Some time ago a new bonsai was on loan to the exhibition, an olive, and I was quite taken by the presentation the artist had given the bonsai. It was a shohin with a wide nabari and looked powerful and ancient, but retained the beauty of the olive as seen in the wild. At home I had an olive that had similar characteristics and so I set out to create a bonsai not similar to the one in Canberra, but one that had my creative touch but also gave that look of power, but with some refined elegance. The following photo is of the tree before I first potted it, and it was treated like most olive after digging, it had all the roots flat cut off. This tree was dug in South Australia and I swapped it for an English Elm I had dug locally. I think we both thought we got a good deal so everyone was happy. The olive when first received I planted it into a training pot with a bonsai mix that really retained the moisture. In retrospect that was not a good decision as the development of the tree was compromised by being too wet, especially in the winter months. However an errant Eucalyptus seed made its home in the pot, and it did enjoy the moist conditions to such an extent that I…

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