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Source: Hans van Meer Bonsai Blog.

Hi everybody, as promised here are the sightseeing pictures that I made last weekend when I visited beautiful Slovenia for my workshop at Tomaz Kovsca International Bonsai School “TORA”. All pictures are made with a 20 years old low pixel camera so they are not up to the level of my usual foto’s…but I still hope you enjoy the images of the sometimes breathtaking nature and old villages?! That I had brought along this old one with me turned out to be a good idea, because I fell down twice on the very steep mountainside where I shot the first pictures that I am about to show you!  These first pictures are made in the very old village Škofja loka, that was first mentioned in 973 A.D. Below: views from the bridge over which you enter the ancient village. Below: very old preserved wall painting everywhere and a beautiful old tree. And on the right bottom: a not so old Tomaz! Below: our first mountain stop and a beautiful scenery just before it started to rain.   Below: A stunning example of a real size Literati sylvestris! Below: And a real-life example of how we should shape our branches on a Literati Bonsai! Below: Trough the branches of this ancient Linden tree you can just make out that at the end of this winding path on the top of this hill lies a church! It is named Sv. Primož in Felicijan at Jamnik (Saints Primus and Felician) it dates from 1501. Tomaz told me that in the olden…

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