New Apprentice at Crataegus: Jarryd Bailey

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus Bonsai Blog.

In the summer of 2016 a visitor from Tasmania dropped into our studio for a visit. He spent a few hours with us, and asked if by chance there were any openings in classes the next couple weeks. As it happened, there was an unexpected opening and we were able to spend three days in a Seasonal session with Jarryd Bailey, from Hobart, Tasmania. At the end of the session he asked if there was a possibility of an apprenticeship. After a year and half abroad busily buying an antique home and getting married, Jarryd arrived in early February 2018 to start his apprenticeship. He’s receiving a lot of cheering support from back home, I even got a note from a past professor telling me to be sure he got his homework in on time. We’re learning heaps (a word we’re learning has many applications) about the protective ‘ferals’ who live in the the old growth forests in Tasmania, the apparently successful businesses that scavenge for treasures in garbage dumps, and the ecological damage from fish farming in the oceans—part of Jarryd’s past life in marine science. Since then he’s repotted heaps of trees and wired heaps as well. We’re also learning to say Tassie, as his home island in southern Australia is nicknamed. When work is done Jarryd lives in the studio residence with Andrew Robson, who is in his second year here at Crataegus and is Jarryd’s sempai. It falls on Andrew to pass on many of the details…

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