Beauty Doesn’t Always Conform to Our Expectations

4 years ago Nebby 0

Source: Bonsai Bark Blog.

Before and after. This impressive and very unusual European olive (Olea europaea L. var. sylvestris) was styled by Javi Campos Juan. Continuing with Javi Campos Juan (see two posts from earlier this week)… You don’t often see Olives styled like this one; more like a conifer than an Olive. Regarding this, there is a good argument for styling in the way the type tree naturally grows. Trees that don’t follow this standard often look unnatural. Still, there’s a lot to like about this one and beauty doesn’t always conform to our expectations. New Site Wide Sale 20% to 70% OFF LIST ON ALMOST EVERYTHING* see below Before I’ve been following Javi Campos Juan and his impressive bonsai on facebook for a while now. This is our third post this week featuring Javi’s trees. We originally featured this one February of last year (with some value added today)   After. Several big changes, including some serious bending of the trunk and plenty of refinement using wire and skilled trimming. Good pot choice too The original uncropped shot with companion VISIT STONE LANTERN FOR OUR EARLY SPRING SITE WIDE SALE Almost All Items Discounted 20% to 70% off List Prices*  Visit Stone Lantern and enjoy the best in Bonsai Tools, Wire, Soil and other essential Bonsai Supplies   *due to contractual agreements, there are 4 or 5 items that we cannot discount

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