How to Sharpen Concave Cutters

3 years ago Nebby 0

Source: BonTsai Blog.

*note, I’ll be editing and improving this article over time so check back or ask me any questions on anything you didn’t get* I’m a DIYer kind of person. I hate sending things out to get fixed or spending money that I could otherwise save. Concave cutters, the quintessential bonsai tool, seldom need sharpening due to the robust design and wide edge angles but like anything else, repeated use will wear it down. My old pair of concave cutters from Lee Valley was standing on it last legs. Wobble in the pin, chips, rolled edge, and more. As my first and only concave cutter it was abused and used to cut things I probably should have cut. I decided to purchase a new pair from Kaneshin. And of course after a few days I somehow managed to chip the edge. I have a fairly high skill with waterstones and was confident I could repair it. In doing so I understood the criteria for concave cutters to cut well but also realized that there are no comprehensive guides online on how to do so. I decided to make a guide through the restoration of my old pair. This guide will be organized in 4 sections: Criterion Tool Selection Technique Burrs and Finishing PART I: Criterion  The first component is seems simple but there is a little more too it. I will elaborate below. The second criterion is necessary to ensure a clean cut. If the edges do not meet you have…

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