Shore Pine Design Exercise—Pt. 2

4 months ago Nebby 0

Source: Crataegus.

Here’s what we did with the Shore Pine from last week:

Shore Pine before adjustments…

…Shore Pine after adjustments. These were pretty small changes.

To make effective changes we have to start with a decision point, what it is that are we trying to accomplish. For this tree, there were two decision points:

  1. Balance the larger masses with the smaller masses—we did this by separating the heavy foliage mass near the top right into two pads. Too much mass in one area is distracting. Breaking it up into smaller groups unifies the tree.
  2. Make a more convincing flow to the left—we shortened the right branch halfway up the tree, so that there was more power and directionality to the left branches. The first image appears too stable, though it is a leaning tree (apex is to the left, in the direction of the flow). By shortening the right side, the flow is more easy to read. And leaning trees should have a very easy to read flow.

Sometimes changes like this can be errors from the start. Just something you missed. Other times the tree grows more in one area than another, and needs adjustment to bring it back to a clearly focused design. Over time your tree will change, either because it’s simply growing, or because you look at it differently.