A Well Traveled, Hard Working Bonsai Artist

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Source: Bonsaibark.


Bjorn Bjorholm posted this root-on-rock gem the other day. It looks like a juniper, but I can't tell for sure what kind and won't bother to guess. Speaking of guesses, I'll venture that some or all of the trees might share a single root system, and that the rock formation is manmade. I cropped this photo to eliminate background noise. A version that shows the whole planting is just below. 

Bjorn Bjorholm has to be one of the most well-traveled and hard working bonsai artists anywhere. At least that’s the impression I get from his posts on facebook. Speaking of, stay posted for another of his amazing rock plantings tomorrow

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The whole planting


Up close



Another Bjorn bonsai. This one looks like it might be the same kind of juniper as the planting above



Hat's off to Bjorn. This one strikes me as a good example of how to make a tree with a difficult shape look good. Bjorn doesn't say what type of pine this is



I love the unusual shape and the gnarly ancient looking bark on this one. Judging by the needles, it looks like it may be the same type pine as above



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