Two Splendid Cedar Bonsai

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Source: Bonsaibark.


This has to be one of the very best Northern white cedar (Thuja occidentalis) bonsai we've seen yet. We've seen thousands of magnificent Cedars growing in the wild here in Northern Vermont and surrounding states and provinces, but very few top quality bonsai. BTW: this one belongs to Brian Donnely of Quebec City. The photo is from one of the U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition albums (I don't remember which). The rest of the photos in this post are of another brilliant Cedar that belongs to Michael Pollock

This post was inspired by a Cedar (Thuja occidentalis) that we’ve featured here in an earlier incarnation. This time it’s a before and after post we found on facebook (photos are below). The artist is Michael Pollock and the results are excellent
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beforeBefore. This is what happens to Cedars. You do a heavy trimming and wiring (see below) and next thing you know, it looks like this. Here's Michael Pollock's caption... "Swipe Right! Another recently re-worked tree. This time a Thuja or Eastern* White Cedar. Recent scientific study aged these collected New England specimens as quite old. Safe to say this tree pre-dates the USA. Really ready for a new pot soon."

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As you may know, our native Cedars present a challenge for bonsai artists. The foliage fans tend to grow too large for scale, so diligent and ongoing trimming is essential. Without going into too much detail, there’s an art to it that requires sharp shears, wire and an understanding of how cedars grow.


After extensive trimming and wiring. Now it just needs some time for the foliage to recover and grow just a bit, and it will be restored to its previous splendor (see below)



It's previous splendor. From a post we did back in October, 2015

*We prefer to call them Northern white cedar rather than Eastern white cedar, though both are misleading. It’s not a true cedar (Cedrus) but rather one of five arborvitae species (Genus Thuja and family Cupressaceae (cypress family)) that grow in the northern hemisphere (2 in North America and 3 in Asia). Here’s a link to Wikipedia if you’d like to know more

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