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Source: Bonsaibark.


The smaller trunk was blown over in storm and saved when it landed on a tiny rock island. Fortunately, just enough of the roots are intact and a surviving branch has grown up to become the new crown. One of several stories told by this remarkable planting. The artist is Nacho Marin, a frequent presence here on Bark

Traveling today so it’s archive time. This one is from one year ago yesterday

The best bonsai tell stories. Usually it’s about hostile environments and hardships, though you could have a robust and stately tree that speaks of a more gentle climate and easy living

In the case of the tree above, you can see tough times in the small trunk that was blown over and in the battered deadwood on both trunks. Island life with limited soil and nasty storms

However, the abundant healthy foliage speaks of ample water (of course), and many storm-free sunny days, with the the soil possessing more than enough nutrients for this tough old tree

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Close up of the tough (and lucky) little survivor...


The main trunk. Scoured by strong winds and airborne water...

Stone Lantern

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