Boxwood Bonsai – Before & After Armageddon

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Source: Bonsaibark.

dsc_1557Michael Hagedorn's Japanese boxwood. Here's part of what Michael wrote about this tree (from his Crataegus Bonsai blog)... "And after the new flush of leaves came out, summer 2017. Defoliation creates regrowth with smaller leaves. This photo is after minimal wiring and pad cleanup. There is a scale shift from the earlier, un-defoliated 2017 photos, and the structure of the tree comes out a bit better than the earlier attempt 14 years ago as a well-manicured foliage ‘mop.’ Which was fine for dusting or generally shrubbery use in Monty Python movies, but less good for bonsai."

Up to our old tricks… borrowing from one of our favorites, Michael Hagedorn’s Crataegus bonsai. Enjoy!

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1996 photo of the Japanese boxwood in International Bonsai magazine, from a hedge plant

Continued from above…
Here’s part of what Michael wrote about Boxwoods in general (from the same post)…  “I have been impressed with the ability of Japanese boxwood to take a lot of unskilled mistakes and laugh them off, similar to the way we recommend juniper for newcomers to bonsai. I would say boxwood is also in that easy to care for group. And by using the defoliation technique, Japanese boxwood leaves can be scaled down. Granted, it lacks a host of wabi-sabi qualities some prefer in their choice of species, but I must say after years of weird mishaps and weather and unmentionables, it is clear that Japanese boxwood are about the toughest things on the planet. After Armageddon, assume cockroaches, viruses, and boxwood. The world will still have nice hedges. Which is strangely comforting.


dsc_1426Somewhere between before and after (but much closer to after). Here's Michael's caption... "View of the Edward Scissorhands event close up"

And just in case you missed it above (twice) here’s your link to the entire post, including a whole series of photos that we’re not showing here, and more of Michael’s delightful story telling

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