Continuing Kokufu

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Source: Bonsaibark. Whoa! This magnificent Chinese quince (Pseudocydonia sinensis) was a prize winner at the 2013 Kokufu-ten. There's so much you could say about this tree, but we'll just leave it at 'magnificent!' This photo and the two photos below, are from Phoenix Bonsai. Continuing with our Kokufu series from the last couple days… NEW Roshi Bonsai Tool Read More

September 2017 Workshop Action

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Source: Marin Bonsai Club. The Marin Bonsai Club conducted its BYOB (bring your own bonsai) workshop on September 19, 2017, at the Livermore Room at Marin Art and Garden Center (MAGC), Ross, California. This workshop was a great showing of members and their bonsai. … Continue reading → Read More

Long Live the Bonsai King

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Source: Bonsaibark. Full cascade Japanese black pine (Pinus thumbergii). Japanese for Black pine is Kuromatsu (kuro is black and matsu is pine). Yesterday we resurrected trees from the famous Kokufu Exhibition and the response has been very positive, so why not keep digging in the same vein?  Japanese black pines are sometimes referred to a the king Read More

Bonsai Yesterday, BONSAI TODAY, Bonsai Tomorrow

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Source: Bonsaibark. Though any Kokufu bonsai might work to lead with, there's something about Quince flowers... Here's Bill Valavanis' caption: A small size Toyo Nishiki Japanese flowering quince, Chaenomeles speciosa ‘Toyo Nishiki’ with multiple colored flowers. Although red, pink and white blossoms are common for this great cultivar, I’ve often seen red branches grafted onto Read More

Grand Tour September 2017

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Source: Bonsai Eejit Blog. It’s been full on lately with both bonsai and family and the blog has taken a back seat as a result. I’m now playing catch up and thought it only right to share some of the photos from my trip down to Munster to do a few one to one sessions Read More

September 2017: Team Styling Demo

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Source: Marin Bonsai Club. Those who attended the September 5, 2017 meeting of the Marin Bonsai Club were treated to the latest installment of the ever-popular John and Chris Show. Two of our most avid and knowledgeable club members, John Doig and Chris Ross … Continue reading → Read More

Japanese Red Pine Styling

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Source: Bonsai Tree Blog. Background In November of 2013 I purchased this tree in Japan in Saitama Prefecture. I was attracted to the shape it was already in, the fairly mature trunk and the overall size of the tree.  Since importing it I have not really done anything with or to it other than just Read More

Bonsai Times 2,500 and Counting…

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Source: Bonsaibark. I found this impressive root-on-rock juniper in one of our favorite places. No mention of variety or artist, so we won't mention our source either (see below). Btw, Image Search came up empty If my math is correct, this should be our 2,500th post, give or take. Putting that rather astounding fact aside, today marks the Read More