Shopping for Bonsai in Japan

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Source: Bonsaibark. I've always had a soft spot for three fingered Shohin bonsai (bonsai that are easily held with three fingers). Particularly ones from Japan, where most of the good ones seem to show up... at least in photos. This one looks like a Shimpaku juniper. It's from Bonsái Pavía, as are all the photos in this Read More

Winter Bonsai Silhouettes – Coming Sooner than You Think

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Source: Bonsaibark. In addition to the massive nebari and the lush soft green foliage contrasted with the soft creme pot, you might appreciate the near perfect photograph. It was taken by the omnipresent Joe Noga (all the photos in this post are his as are numerous other bonsai photos featured on this blog and elsewhere). As you Read More

A Small Man Contemplates a White Pine from Below

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Source: Bonsaibark. I borrowed this delicious little gem from Michael Bonsai. Michael doesn't say who it belongs to or what it is, but given his fondness for Japanese black pines, and given that it looks like a Japanese black pine, well you get the drift. We could even go a little further and speculate that Read More

Celebrating Forty Years of Bonsai

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Source: Bonsaibark. This sweet Japanese black pine with its thinned and reduced needles and its gnarled old trunk jumps right off the page. The luminous pot and the way it accentuates the color of the tree's bark doesn't hurt either. Together they provide a study in simplicity and attention to detail. It belongs to Michael (of Michael Bonsai). Read More

Meandering Myrtles

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Source: Bonsaibark. Here's the copy from our source (a Bark post last November titled Meandering Lines)...  "This Myrtle (Myrtus communis) belongs to Andrea Albergo. The pot is by Greg Ceramics and the photo is by Harry Harrington. I chose it for the lead tree for several reasons; I'm not sure I've ever seen a Myrtle Read More

Repotting an olive bonsai

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Source: Bonsai Tonight Blog. I could have guessed that an olive I took home a few years ago had a trunk that extended below the soil. It was potted in a deep container and was far heavier than I’d expected. I confirmed this was the case the first time I repotted the tree. There wasn’t Read More

Ride needed on Sunday, October 8 from Chicago area to Detroit area.

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Source: Walter Pall Bonsai Blog. Ride needed on Sunday, October 8 from Chicago area to Detroit area. On Sunday, October 8 my Int. Bonsai Academy at Hidden Gardens, south of Chicago will end mid-afternoon. I hope to get a ride with someone who drives to Detroit area right away. I should be there sometime in Read More