Before & After Bonsai – From Sow’s Ear to Silk Purse, a Remarkable 7 Year Transformation

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Before and after of one Harry Harrington's famous privets. Here's Harry's caption... "For completion, the large Privet bonsai defoliated, wood-hardened and re-styled last month, now back in leaf and ready to live out its days with its new owner near Birmingham (U.K.). Seen here in 2010 after I was given the tree when it was just a big lump of wood collected from a hedge, and now, 7 years later. Ligustrum ovalifolium/Privet bonsai, Height 16"/39cm, Trunk diameter 7"/17cm, Pot by Victor Harris of Erin Pottery"

It’s amazing what seven years and a whole lot of skill and imagination can do. The almost magical transformation shown here is the result of efforts by Harry Harrington, a bit of a whiz at transforming material that many of us wouldn’t give second look. The photos shown here are from Harry’s timeline. You can also visit Harry’ website bonsai4me,

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After, up close



The Foundations of Bonsai

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The other side



Before, close up


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