Two novel approaches to developing Trident Maple bonsai, Technique 1

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Source: Bonsai Tree Blog. Background As we are nearing spring repotting time I felt inspired to write the following blog in the hopes that it might result in someone trying out the techniques which I shall now share, as early spring is the best time to attempt them. I have not tried these techniques with Read More

Don’t Feel Bad When You Get The Front Wrong

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Source: Bonsai South – Zach Smith Bonsai Blog. Oaks make great bonsai.  They grow quickly, meaning you can get fast development.  And they’re fairly easy to collect. This Water oak, Quercus nigra, is a good example.  I collected Continue Reading → Read More

To Deadwood or Not to Deadwood (for My Friend Sal)

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Source: Bonsaibark. There's deadwood and then there's deadwood. It's a safe guess that this crazy tree is a juniper, just like the other two trees shown here (it may also be a safe guess that it's a tanuki*). There's no mention of the artist/owner. Ditto for the other two. Every few days we get a Read More

Making your bonsai taller

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Source: Bonsai Hunk Blog. With exposed root bonsai it is possible to create a taller tree. One can simply raise the tree up on its finer root system while keeping it supported with wire until the new roots harden sufficiently to make the trunk stable. The new roots will need to be covered for some Read More

Repotting a field grown trident maple

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Source: Bonsai Tonight Blog. Some of my favorite bonsai work is repotting trees for the first time. I never take for granted that new trees in the garden have healthy roots and perfect root-bases. Sometimes they do, but other times they don’t. Until I repot a tree, I don’t have a great idea about what Read More

24 Hours and Counting

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Source: Bonsaibark. To my eye, this is not only a very sweet bonsai in the ordinary sense - dynamic, well balanced, robustly alive, with beautifully carved and not overdone deadwood, etc - but it is also fascinatingly unusual. All that knobby stuff piled up on the surface and crawling up the trunk like some sort of Read More

Twisting and Turning

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Source: Bonsai Hunk Blog. When presented with material that is young and lacks interesting features I will search for ones that have twists and turns. Great bonsai can be created from this rather unexciting material. Using wire to shape long and limber pieces is another way to introduce interesting shapes. Another way is to use Read More

Roots, Rocks & Summer Vacation

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Source: Bonsaibark. I love this tree. The texture and movement as it flows over the rock is perfect, and the fine ramification (branching) is excellent. Nice pot too. The photo is from the 2017 Kokufu Exhibition. No variety is given (the majority of great Japanese root-over-rock bonsai are Trident maples, but the ramification seems too Read More

Deadwood & Flowers

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Source: Bonsaibark. This rather spectacular Prunus mume (Japanese apricot) is from the 2017 Kokufu Exhibition. As you can see, there's deadwood galore - almost as if the whole tree is simply deadwood and flowers - but unlike some deadwood, it looks natural and to my eyes at least, not a bit overdone. Part of this is Read More